• What are the characteristics of the growing sublimation market

    Sublimation technique is growing rapidly and companies create high speed machines and fix problems to adapt today’s market. Markets, R. A.(2020) indicates in the research that: “In recent years, the demand for dye-sublimation printers has observed significant growth; due to this, printer vendors ...
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  • Why sublimation? What is the definition of sublimation

    Sublimation is a technique that transform the design from digital artwork to patterned panels. Information in the digital artwork including colors, lines, logos, names and numbers are being pressed onto the fabric. Sublimation is being applied in various of industry and production because of its...
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  • How do we choose the size chart?

    Sizing of jerseys varies from company to company. For experienced organizations, they may have developed their own clothing size chart, but for some start-up companies, they may need professional help and some references. At Juexin, we provide service for customers of both type. For customers who...
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