What are the characteristics of the growing sublimation market

Sublimation technique is growing rapidly and companies create high speed machines and fix problems to adapt today’s market. Markets, R. A.(2020) indicates in the research that: “In recent years, the demand for dye-sublimation printers has observed significant growth; due to this, printer vendors have initiated the production of high speed and high-volume systems for industrial facilities. The revelations in design, better printheads, and other components are further augmenting the demand. The new printheads offer faster print speed, along with an automatic circulation system, thus, reducing printhead nozzle clog, which is one of the common reasons behind the downtime.(Markets, R. A. 2020, para.3)

There are many advantages of dye-sublimation, one of that is it offers faster turnover for production. Research Markets, R. A.(2020) shows that “The garment industry commands a prominent share of the market with the increasing vendor propensity toward the adoption of dye-sublimation printing solutions, as they offer better print quality at a faster pace. The global textile industry’s move toward automation and its increasing capacity are driving the demand.(Markets, R. A. 2020, para.4)

Popularity of sublimation has been increasing because of it’s flexibility and cost-efficient. Research Markets, R. A.(2020) shows that “Some of the critical factors for digital printing adoption include greater design flexibility compared to screen printing. Many designers, such as Mary Katrantzou and Alexander McQueen, prefer digital printing for small prints because it is cost-efficient.” (Markets, R. A. 2020, para.5)

The e-commerce market has been growing. Buyers and consumer’s methods of purchasing has been changed from traditional exhibition to online purchasing since the outbreak of the covid. This phenomenon was found out by the researcher: “Growing sales volume of clothing goods and apparel through e-commerce portals in India, Thailand, China, and Bangladesh is expected to boost industry growth. Also, favorable government regulations in India and China for promoting investment in fabric manufacturing and printing is anticipated to complement market growth.”(Markets, R. A. 2020, para.12)

Markets, R. A. (2020, June 25). Dye-sublimation Printing Markets to 2025: Trends, Developments and Growth Deviations Arising from the Outbreak of COVID-19. Research and Markets. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/dye-sublimation-printing-markets-to-2025-trends-developments-and-growth-deviations-arising-from-the-outbreak-of-covid-19-301083724.html

Post time: Nov-01-2021