How do we choose the size chart?

Sizing of jerseys varies from company to company. For experienced organizations, they may have developed their own clothing size chart, but for some start-up companies, they may need professional help and some references. At Juexin, we provide service for customers of both type.

For customers who have their own developed measurements and fit, we will have our pattern maker to help you creating your own mockup based on provided measurements. For our start-up partners, you don’t have to worry about it. We will have our professional agents to walk you through. We not only provide free pattern creating service, but also provide references from our existing models.

There are no standard sizing for clothing. Preferences for sizing varies from company to company, from person to person, and is different for people from diverse region and market. When it comes to choose sizes, it depends on the needs for your market, your team, and your customers. It is always beneficial to confirm sizes on the early stage before production. We may start with a trail order or with size samples. After approval of the sizes and fit, we are ready to move on to production.

Measurement point can affect the accuracy of the size. There are two major measuring points for body length measurement, one is to start from the center back, another one is to measure from the highest point of the shirt. Another common measurements for chest are right from the armhole point or 2 centimeters down from armhole. Those measurement points will have impact on the final sizes. We should make sure they are communicated before production to prevent misunderstanding and other unwanted results.

There are a standard size tolerance of ±1cm for garment industry internationally. That means, in general, size measured with 1cm more or 1cm less of the size chart is considered normal and acceptable for most of the customers. However, there are some certain functional jerseys or brand requirement may have specific tolerance and instructions of the sizes. These are facts that we should negotiate ahead.

Above are facts about size charts, and hope it helps when it comes to choosing size chart.
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Post time: Nov-01-2021