Why sublimation? What is the definition of sublimation

Sublimation is a technique that transform the design from digital artwork to patterned panels. Information in the digital artwork including colors, lines, logos, names and numbers are being pressed onto the fabric.

Sublimation is being applied in various of industry and production because of its advantages for today’s market. More and more organizations and individuals are interested in personalized products. It is one of the methods for them to express themselves with less limitation of quantity. Also for sports team and organization that wanted to present their own logos, names and pattern on their uniform, sublimation can be a good choice to realize it.

Comparing regular dyed fabric order with sublimation order, sublimation stands out in many ways. Regular dyed fabric order usually requires higher MOQ than sublimation orders. Regular order may start from a few hundred pieces to thousand pieces. There is no minimum quantity limitation for sublimation orders, we can start even with one piece.

Because of the technical features of sublimation, turnover for production is shorten comparing with conventional production. Especially for sports team and critical events, timeliness of delivery is crucial. The whole sublimation process from printing to sewing can all be finished in-house, unlike regular dyed fabric order that need to send fabric to dyeing mill. The whole sublimation process start out by creating digital artwork, then the artwork is printed on paper. After, the paper is being pressed through a high temperature machine, and all designs are now infused on fabric panels. Sewing the panels together is the final step for the jerseys. At Juexin, with 100% custom sublimation service, the order turnover time with order quantity of two hundred pieces, is promised to ship within 21 days.

Sublimation jersey can realize more complicated design pattern and colors. Digital designed artwork are full of ‘information’, colors and gradients, lines, logos, names and numbers. With sublimation, color can be printed as the design indicated. There are no limitation to numbers of logos and its’ color. The color is never-fade, vivid, can not be washed off and will keep it’s shape, never crack or peel off after a long time of use.

Last but not the least, while fast turnover and high quality of prints is promised, the production quality is also assured. Quality of printed pattern, quality of fabric, and quality of workmanship is being checked carefully to make sure that goods are handed in a good shape.

Above mentioned advantages of sublimation is beneficial for orders of jerseys with less limitation, and it’s becoming more and more popular among sports events and organization teams. If you have any question of sublimation and our service, please feel free to reach out to us through email ‘ebin@enb.com.cn’

Post time: Nov-01-2021